Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

The orthopedic department treats diseases and injuries of the bones and muscles to help disabled persons regain their ability and bodily functions. Orthopedic surgery hospitals have specialized departments that treat patients with the best tools and technologies for Surgery. The orthopedic surgeons who care for patients in Uganda have years of experience and were trained at prestigious foreign hospitals. As a result, the orthopedic surgery cost in Uganda is very reasonable compared to other nations. Hospitals in Uganda offer top-notch services, and their surgeons are experts in treating people with bone and muscle problems.

Different programs and initiatives are taken to improve the current situation of orthopedic surgeries in Uganda. To match international medical standards, hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies, and the number of orthopedic surgeries in Uganda is increased due to the services and surgeons performing highly successful orthopedic surgeries. The programs for the orthopedic department in Uganda are organized to provide surgery awareness in remote areas of Uganda and train orthopedic surgeons.

Orthopedic Surgery cost in Uganda

Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda Average Cost in Ugandan Shilling (Ush) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
ACL Reconstruction Surgery UGX 2,38,14,000 $6,615
Abscess Debridement UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Acromioclavicular Joint Repair UGX 2,28,61,440 $6,350
Ankle Arthroscopy UGX 2,04,80,040 $5,689
Ankle Replacement UGX 3,33,39,600 $9,261
Ankle Surgery UGX 1,66,69,800 $4,631
Arthroscopic Removal of Calcium Deposits UGX 1,80,98,640 $5,027
Bone Fracture Surgery UGX 2,00,03,760 $5,557
Bone Tumor Removal UGX 2,85,76,800 $7,938
Bunion Surgery UGX 2,52,42,840 $7,012
Carpel Tunnel Release Surgery UGX 3,00,05,640 $8,335
Club Foot Treatment UGX 2,95,29,360 $8,203
De Quervain Syndrome UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Dislocated Shoulder UGX 2,28,61,440 $6,350
Double Knee Replacement UGX 4,28,65,200 $11,907
Dynamic hip screw UGX 1,66,69,800 $4,631
Elbow Arthroscopy UGX 2,52,42,840 $7,012
Elbow Replacement UGX 3,28,63,320 $9,129
Elbow Surgery UGX 2,28,61,440 $6,350
Exostosis UGX 1,52,40,960 $4,234
External Fracture Fixation UGX 1,85,74,920 $5,160
Foot Surgery UGX 1,95,27,480 $5,424
Fracture UGX 1,66,69,800 $4,631
Ganglion Cyst Removal UGX 2,00,03,760 $5,557
Hammer, Claw, or Mallet Toe UGX 1,47,64,680 $4,101
Hand Joints Synovectomy UGX 2,00,03,760 $5,557
Hand Surgery UGX 2,81,00,520 $7,806
Hip Arthroplasty UGX 3,00,05,640 $8,335
Hip Arthroscopy UGX 2,90,53,080 $8,070
Hip Replacement UGX 2,76,24,240 $7,673
Hip Replacement Revision UGX 3,09,58,200 $8,600
Hip Resurfacing UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Knee Arthroplasty UGX 2,28,61,440 $6,350
Knee Arthroscopy UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Knee Cartilage Surgery UGX 1,52,40,960 $4,234
Knee Ligament Surgery UGX 1,42,88,400 $3,969
Knee Replacement UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Knee Replacement Revision UGX 2,47,66,560 $6,880
Lateral Release of the Patella UGX 1,66,69,800 $4,631
MPFL Ligament Surgery UGX 1,57,17,240 $4,366
Meniscus Surgery UGX 1,52,40,960 $4,234
Meniscectomy UGX 1,85,74,920 $5,160
Metal Implant Removal UGX 2,61,95,400 $7,277
Open Reduction Internal Fixation (ORIF) UGX 3,09,58,200 $8,600
Osteotomy UGX 1,85,74,920 $5,160
Partial Hip Replacement UGX 2,52,42,840 $7,012
Revision Joint Surgery UGX 2,85,76,800 $7,938
Rotator Cuff Surgery (Arthroscopic /Mini open) UGX 2,04,80,040 $5,689
SLAP Tear Repair UGX 1,80,98,640 $5,027
Scaphoid Fracture UGX 1,47,64,680 $4,101
Shoulder Arthroplasty UGX 3,09,58,200 $8,600
Shoulder Arthroscopy UGX 3,23,87,040 $8,996
Shoulder Capsular Release UGX 2,95,29,360 $8,203
Shoulder Impingement Syndrome UGX 2,04,80,040 $5,689
Shoulder Labrum Surgery UGX 1,95,27,480 $5,424
Shoulder Replacement UGX 4,28,65,200 $11,907
Shoulder Stabilization UGX 2,04,80,040 $5,689
Shoulder Surgery UGX 1,52,40,960 $4,234
Shoulder Tendon Reconstruction UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Single Knee Replacement UGX 2,14,32,600 $5,954
Synovium Removal UGX 1,42,88,400 $3,969
Tendon Repair UGX 1,80,98,640 $5,027
Torn Meniscus Repair UGX 1,57,17,240 $4,366
Total Hip Replacement UGX 5,71,53,600 $15,876
Trigger Finger UGX 85,73,040 $2,381
Wrist Arthroscopy UGX 2,95,29,360 $8,203
Wrist Instability UGX 1,85,74,920 $5,160

Cost of  Top Orthopedic Surgeries in Uganda

ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

The anterior cruciate ligament, also known as the ACL, is one of the main ligaments in the knee. It provides stability when one rotates the legs and is situated diagonally in front of the knees. A portion of a tendon from another body area will be removed during Surgery and used as a graft to repair the torn ACL. The cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery is around $6,615.

Knee Replacement Surgery:

A patient might require either partial or total knee replacement surgery, depending on the severity of the injury. Both are brought on by knee joint cartilage damage, which limits motion and causes pain. Trauma, bursitis from repetitive motion, or obesity could all be to blame for this. The knee replacement surgery may cost $5,954 in Uganda.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery:

The upper arm bone’s top portion is removed during shoulder replacement surgery and is swapped out for a metal ball. The damaged part of the socket is then removed and replaced with a plastic prosthesis by the doctor. The shoulder’s tendons, ligaments, or rotator cuff, would keep everything in place. The price of shoulder replacement surgery in Uganda is $11,907.

Knee Arthroscopy:

Minimally invasive Surgery is arthroscopic. To see what’s happening inside your knee joint, the surgeon makes a tiny incision and inserts a tiny camera attached to their tools. The images are displayed on a screen, and your doctor uses small tools to make the necessary corrections. The Knee Arthroscopy cost in Uganda is $5,954.

Ankle Repair:

If, after a fracture, the joint is unstable, ankle repair surgery is required. This indicates that the bones are not correctly aligned. The bones are moved to their proper positions during Surgery, and implants hold them together. The Ankle Repair cost in Uganda is $$4,631. 

Trigger Finger:

Tendons run along the length of the fingers, from the base to the tips. Protected by a sheath, these tendons allow people to move and bend their fingers. When this sheath is hurt, it swells up. The patient cannot fully extend their finger as a result. This condition is referred to as the “trigger finger.” To treat the trigger fingers, there are three surgical procedures, all of which only call for local anesthesia. The likelihood of the patient going home that day is also high. The price of Trigger Finger in Uganda is around $2,381.

Elbow Replacement:

A surgeon replaces the elbow during elbow replacement with an artificial joint made of two implants that are attached to the bones in your arm. The implants are joined together by a metal and plastic hinge. The process is comparable to knee and hip replacements. The Elbow Replacement cost $9,129 in Uganda.

Why choose Uganda for Orthopedic Surgery?

In Uganda, orthopedic Surgery is more affordable and is performed in world-class facilities.

Patients from across the nation are operated on and treated by top orthopedic surgeons.

Leading Foreign hospitals have partnered with hospitals in Uganda to train surgeons to treat patients successfully.

The staff of Ugandan Hospital is well-trained to take care of orthopedic patients.

Hospitals in Uganda have top-notch amenities, including the best medically advanced rooms and all the necessary tools and technology.

Technologies used for Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Templating
  • Augmented Reality
  • PACS — Picture Archiving and Communication System
  • CAS — Computer-Assisted Surgery

Conditions treated by Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda.

  • Knee Joint Replacement
  • Hip Resurfacing
  • Hip Joint Replacement
  • Shoulder Joint Replacement
  • Spine Surgeries
  • Arthroscopy
  • Treatment of Fractures and Dislocation of Joints
  • Arthroplasty
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Laminectomy

Orthopedic Surgery Reviews in Uganda

Few hospitals have excellent improved orthopedic Surgery, and Uganda has one of the highest success rates of orthopedic surgeries worldwide. Modern orthopedic surgery technology and tools are available in Ugandan hospitals for patient care. Orthopedic patients do not need to travel abroad for treatment because Uganda offers the same standard of care. Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda has received positive reviews from previous patients.

Camp at Mulago Hospital for Orthopedic Patients

At a seven-day surgical camp at Mulago Specialized National Referral hospital, 24 orthopedic patients are receiving free surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons use the minimally invasive procedure, also known as laparoscopy, to perform joint and knee replacements and other musculoskeletal repairs. As a result, many patients with orthopedic problems were treated, and the results were successful. In addition, the experts showcased their excellence in the field by treating patients using leading technologies.

In the meantime, this camp drew professionals who came to assist with the Surgery in addition to patients. One of them, Prof. Timothy Byakika, an orthopedic surgeon based in Nairobi who was also invited to be part of the team for training purposes, said he joined to share knowledge with colleagues practicing in Uganda.

Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopedic Program

The University of British Columbia, McMaster University, and Makerere University collaborated to create the Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopedic Program (USTOP) in 2007. The project’s objective is to lessen the disabilities that develop in Uganda due to musculoskeletal trauma. Through teaching, innovation, and research, USTOP collaborates with regional partners to increase the capacity for treating orthopedic trauma. With the assistance of colleagues in anesthesia, nursing, rehabilitation, and sterile reprocessing, USTOP has maintained a multidisciplinary approach to training.

The Department of Orthopedics at Makerere University and Mulago Hospital in Kampala extended the invitation to start the project. The project is a partnership between orthopedic surgeons from Canada and Uganda, and it is motivated by the needs that the Ugandan surgeons have identified. The program has also developed several technologies in conjunction with partners to lower the price of orthopedic care without sacrificing quality. To ensure that changes lead to long-lasting improvements in patient care, USTOP works to continuously improve and offer proper support to colleagues in Uganda as orthopedic trauma capacity in their country increases.

Medical Insurance Companies for Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

All surgical procedures performed at public hospitals in Uganda must comply with a policy mandated by the government of Uganda. However, the government hospital in Uganda does not perform Orthopedic Surgery well. Therefore, private hospitals offer the best services for Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda. Top medical insurance providers in Uganda that provide coverage for Orthopedic Surgery include:

  • Insurance Regulatory Authority
  • Allianz Worldwide Care Limited
  • Jubilee Life Insurance Company Uganda
  • Britam Insurance-South Sudan

Success Rate of Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

Since orthopedic Surgery has an almost 95% success rate, many people are drawn to it, hoping to find a long-term cure for their knee joint pain and disorders. In Uganda, the success rate of knee replacement surgery is nearly 95%. Few cases have been documented where complications developed after Surgery, but none persisted.

Orthopedic Surgery Hospitals in Uganda

Kampala Hospital -Find Cost and Reviews Claimed

Top Private Hospital in Kampala, Uganda

Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Uganda

Dr. Tito Beyeza:

Dr. Tito Beyeza is head of the Department of Orthopedics at Makerere University. He produces successful treatments and surgeries.

Dr. Alex Bangirana:

Dr. Alex Bangirana is the head of the Casualty Department at Mulago Hospital. He has experience of 8+ years, and he provides highly successful results.

Dr. Patrick Sekimpi:

Dr. Patrick Sekimpi is the head of the SIGN Program at Mulago Hospital. At Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Savannah Sunrise Medical Center, and Partner, Patrick Sekimpi practices orthopedic Surgery. His interest in musculoskeletal disorders stems from his research.

FAQs on Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda

Where can I find Orthopedic Surgery reviews in Uganda?

You can find Orthopedic Surgery reviews in Uganda here.

How can I book an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Uganda?

You can contact us to get an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon in Uganda. In addition, we can suggest the best surgeon in Uganda.

How much do Orthopedic Surgeries cost in Uganda?

Orthopedic Surgery’s cost depends on the type of condition the patient suffers from.

Does insurance cover Orthopedic Surgery in Uganda?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of Orthopedic Surgery.

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