Spine Surgery in Uganda

Earlier, Uganda needed more top technologies, facilities, and expert orthopedic surgeons. As a result, patients suffering from spinal diseases opted for surgeries or treatment in foreign countries. But today, Uganda has all the best facilities and hospitals providing successful results of Spine Surgery. The government offered the latest techniques by spreading awareness and providing the best surgeries. As a result, Uganda’s healthcare system came up with Uganda Spine Surgery Mission. As a result, the cost of Spine Surgery in Uganda is very affordable compared to other countries.

After the successful results of the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission, patients in Uganda avoided traveling to foreign countries. The hospitals are connected to the most well-equipped infrastructures in Uganda, recognized by international bodies like JCI and NABH. The hospitals have the best experts and technologies to provide successful spine surgeries.

The most cutting-edge equipment and technology are used to treat patients in specialist departments of Spine Surgery hospitals. Spine Surgeons from Uganda with years of training and experience from overseas hospitals serve patients. The medical facilities in Uganda are first-rate, and the surgeons there are skilled in treating Spine Surgery patients.

Spine Surgery cost in Uganda

Spine Surgery in Uganda Average Cost in Ugandan Shilling (Ush) Average Cost in US Dollar (USD)
Cervical Disc Replacement UGX 2,22,84,281 $6,367
Cervical Discectomy UGX 2,41,94,363 $6,913
Comprehensive Myelopathy UGX 2,35,57,669 $6,731
Spinal Cord Surgery UGX 2,35,57,669 $6,731
Corpectomy UGX 2,16,47,588 $6,185
Spinal Column Reconstruction UGX 2,54,67,750 $7,277
Discectomy UGX 2,29,20,975 $6,549
Foraminotomy UGX 2,03,74,200 $5,821
Kyphoplasty UGX 2,10,10,894 $6,003
Laminectomy UGX 2,48,31,056 $7,095
Laminoplasty UGX 2,48,31,056 $7,095
Lumbar Disc Replacement UGX 2,86,51,219 $8,186
Lumbar Discopathy UGX 2,67,41,138 $7,640
Microdiscectomy UGX 2,54,67,750 $7,277
Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery UGX 2,03,74,200 $5,821
Nucleoplasty UGX 1,84,64,119 $5,275
Nucleotomy UGX 1,78,27,425 $5,094
Scoliosis UGX 2,86,51,219 $8,186
Spinal Decompression Surgery UGX 2,67,41,138 $7,640
Spinal Disc Herniation UGX 2,61,04,444 $7,458
Spinal Fusion Surgery UGX 2,48,31,056 $7,095
Spinal Stabilization UGX 2,35,57,669 $6,731
Spine Tumor Removal UGX 2,73,77,831 $7,822
SpineCor Bracing UGX 2,67,41,138 $7,640
Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation UGX 2,86,51,219 $8,186
Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) UGX 2,92,87,913 $8,368
Vagal Nerve Stimulator UGX 2,67,41,138 $7,640

Cost of Top Spine Procedure in Uganda


An abnormal lateral curving of the spine is known as scoliosis. The most common time for a diagnosis is in early adolescence or childhood. Orthotic therapy and surgery are two methods of scoliosis treatment. The cost of scoliosis surgery in Uganda is $8,186. Orthotic therapy is typically advised when the initial scoliosis curve is minor and additional growth is anticipated. Surgery is frequently used as a treatment option if the curvature continues to worsen despite orthotic therapy.

Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation:

The sliding of one vertebral body relative to the next vertebral body, known as spondylolisthesis, can result in mechanical or radicular symptoms or pain. Congenital, acquired, or idiopathic reasons can all be to blame. The Spondylolisthesis Stabilisation price in Uganda is $8,186.
10% to 15% of younger individuals with low-grade spondylolisthesis will not respond to conservative therapy and require surgical intervention. Some surgical options include fusion with or without instrumentation, decompression, or interbody fusion.


The removal of herniated disc material pressing on nerves or the spinal cord and causing the patient’s discomfort and weakness is done by a minimally invasive microdiscectomy technique. Microdiscectomy may not be required because many ruptured discs can heal independently without surgery. The cost of a Microdiscectomy in Uganda is $7,277. A fluoroscope is used during surgery to project real-time x-ray images onto a monitor, giving the doctor a better view of the treated region. The majority of the surgery to repair the ruptured disc is normally carried out by the spine surgeon while he or she observes it on the monitor.


A minimally invasive percutaneous treatment called kyphoplasty entails inserting an inflatable bone tamp under the guidance of a fluoroscope into the broken vertebral body. The endplates are then raised, and the vertebral body is raised back to its original height by inflating the bone tamp. Vertebral compression fractures can be treated and recovered more quickly because of the procedure. In contrast to vertebroplasty, which addresses pain, it offers the added advantage of treating kyphotic deformity and pain. The Kyphoplasty cost in Uganda is $6,003.

Spinal Fusion Surgery:

An operation to fuse the spine is intended to limit mobility at a problematic vertebral section, which should lessen joint pain. Each spine level has paired facet joints in the back and a disc space in the front. Together, these structures constitute a motion segment and enable various motion velocities. The price of spinal fusion surgery is $7,095.

Cervical Disc Replacement:

A damaged disc between your neck’s vertebrae is replaced with an artificial disc during a cervical disc replacement (CDR). Discs are cushions that resemble gel and lessen friction between your vertebrae. A joint and a cushion are provided between your nearby vertebrae by healthy spinal discs. The space between your vertebrae gets smaller as your discs get older, which can compress and pin adjacent nerves. The cost of Cervical Disc Replacement in Uganda is $6,367.

SpineCor Bracing:

The innovative, dynamic action treatment method used by SpineCor is superior to conventional static braces. According to research, scoliosis patients’ spines (vertebral growth plates) need strong dynamic motion to change the aberrant growth that is causing the deformity to progress. Exercises are used in conjunction with a spinal brace termed a “SpineCor Brace” in the SpineCor Treatment. Patients with very tiny curves can also use exercises without the assistance of the SpineCor Brace. The cost of SpineCor Bracing in Uganda is $7,640.

Vagal Nerve Stimulator:

Vagus nerve stimulation therapy, a type of epilepsy treatment, employs an internal stimulator attached to the left vagus nerve in the neck. To reduce the erratic electrical brain activity that causes seizures, the stimulator administers brief, regular electrical stimulations through this nerve. The Vagal Nerve Stimulator cost in Uganda is $7,640. The treatment entails implanting a device under the skin in the left chest region. The generating device is connected to an electrode or cable inserted beneath the skin. The vagus nerve in the neck is wrapped or linked to by the wire.

Why choose Spine Surgery in Uganda?

With all the world-class medical professionals working in cutting-edge facilities, patients can find the best medical care for spine surgery in Uganda at a reasonable price.

Patients receiving care from Ugandan hospitals are treated with quality. Patients receive individualized care and quick recovery to meet their needs for quality and satisfaction.

The hospitals provide the best medical care as well as various spine surgeries. In Uganda, patients can receive the best care at a reasonable price.

Technologies used for Spine Surgery in Uganda

Earlier, Uganda had challenges to provide technologies for Spine surgeries but today Uganda is self-sufficient to provide patients with all facilities within the country. The following are the latest technologies used for spine surgery in Uganda:

  • Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel
  • Intraoperative neurological monitoring (IONM)
  • Balloon Kyphoplasty
  • Navigation and Robotics in Spine Surgery
  • Endoscopic Spine surgery

What is Uganda Spine Surgery Mission?

Dr. Mark Kayanja and Dr. Lieberman established the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission in 2006, intending to deliver cutting-edge spine care to Ugandan patients suffering from infectious, degenerative, traumatic, and congenital spinal conditions.

A self-supporting charitable program, the Uganda Spine Surgery Mission, educates and treats patients with spinal disorders. The main goal of Uganda Spine Surgery Mission is to offer the best spine care to Ugandan patients suffering from congenital, traumatic, degenerative, and infectious spinal conditions. The Uganda Spine Surgery Mission has developed into an autonomous initiative with a volunteer core and a philanthropic foundation.

Children and adults with complex and severe spinal deformities received treatment in Uganda from Uganda Spine Surgery Mission. Numerous extensive osteotomies were surgically done to treat these pathologies. These osteotomies with the BoneScalpel increase the autogenous bone graft quality while shortening the surgical time needed for each procedure. Both are crucial steps to cut costs and guarantee positive clinical outcomes.

Conditions Treated Using Spine Surgery in Uganda

  • Spinal tumors
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal instability, including spondylolisthesis
  • Vertebral compression fractures
  • Spinal deformities such as scoliosis
  • Spinal infections

Renovated Spinal Ward in Mulago hospital

Mulago National Referral Hospital is fully equipped to treat spinal cases, so patients with spinal injuries won’t need to be sent elsewhere. According to Prof. Isaac Kajja, head of the orthopedic department, the unit is completely outfitted to handle all spinal treatment in the nation. Fortunately, the hospital can now treat patients for spine injuries, degenerative spine conditions, and spine neoplasia inside Uganda, saving the government a significant amount of foreign currency.

Prof. Kajja stated that the team on the ground is highly specialized in carrying out their work. Prof. Kajja stated that Uganda trains experts in spinal treatment for many other countries in the region and on the continent. Prof. Kajja urged Ugandans to abandon the practice of routinely seeking medical care abroad instead of utilizing the more affordable options provided by the national referral hospital.

Success Rate of Spine Surgery in Uganda

70–80% of spinal fusion surgeries are successful in relieving pain. Patients who smoke, have been overweight, have diabetes, have osteoporosis, or have any other serious medical conditions may have a lower success rate. Uganda stands out among the crowd for spine surgery because of its low costs, high success rate, highly skilled surgeons, and well-equipped hospitals.

Medical Insurance for Spine Surgery in Uganda

Following are a few insurance providers partnered with top hospitals in Uganda to provide Spine Surgery insurance coverage in Uganda:

  • Jubilee Life Insurance Company Uganda
  • Healix International
  • Excel Insurance Limited
  • Msh International
  • Insurance Regulatory Authority

Best Spine surgeon in Uganda

Dr. Marc J. Levine:

With more than 20 years of experience in both spine surgery and medicine, Dr. Marc J. Levine is an orthopaedic spine surgeon in Hamilton, New Jersey. He received his medical degree from Thomas Jefferson University’s Jefferson Medical College. He performs surgery at many hospitals, including outpatient surgical facilities, in New Jersey.

Dr. John Ekure:

The name Dr. Ekure is well-known in the orthopedic surgery community. He spent a lot of time working in the hospitals in Kumi and Soroti. He presently holds the position of Executive Director at Uganda’s first orthopedic hospital, Kumi Orthopaedic Hospital. John conducts a lot of research in the field of orthopedic surgery.

Spine Surgery Hospitals in Uganda

Kampala Hospital -Find Cost and Reviews Claimed

Top Private Hospital in Kampala, Uganda

FAQs on Spine Surgery in Uganda

Where can I find Spine Surgery reviews in Uganda?

You can find Spine Surgery reviews in Uganda here.

How much do Spine Procedures cost in Uganda?

Spine Procedures’ cost depends on the type of condition the patient suffers from.

How can I book an appointment with a Spine Surgeon in Uganda?

You can contact us to get an appointment with a Spine Surgeon in Uganda. In addition, we can suggest the best surgeon in Uganda.

Does insurance cover Spine Surgery in Uganda?

Yes, the insurance company covers the expenses of Spine Surgery.

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